Taxable dipper, Kangen Band Hundreds Million Loss

wadae adsen - The case of drugs that hit Kangen Band, no doubta the band that carries this malay song bear losses up to hundreds of millions of dollars . Some of the projects performed during the March Band jeopardized.

These comments were made by the management directly in the complex when reporters found BNN, Cawang, East Jakarta (13 / 3). "There are about 7 to 9 show during this month that should be canceled. Of course, can be calculated if one gig, Band could reap up to 65 million fortune," said Asman from management.

Recognized Asman, all perform during the month of March this is the show on air and off air. Even to someone outside the area and also there are who have paid in advance payment of 50 percent a month earlier.

"There are already DP (down payment), which surely must we return. There is also a direct dibatalin because of this case. Like today that the plan is performing in the number of East Jakarta, had to be canceled," he added. (MPA / ato / DKA)
wadae adsen