Exclusive Interview With Sydney Blu

wadae adsen
This time for our next interview we were able to exchange some words with one of the biggest female DJs in the world right now, Sydney Blu. While managing her own label, BLU Music, at the moment, gigging constantly, and finishing an upcoming album, Sydney is surely one hard-working girl. Receiving recognition from names like Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Eddie Halliwell, Deadmau5, and Funkagenda, she is a DJ/producer that has become a major part of the house music scene.

Her new release, Bad Blood comes out this Wednesday, September 29th after receiving a lot of attention this month. It is supported by Roger Sanchez, Robbie Rivera, and Oscar G. Stay tuned and enjoy the interview!
How did you get involved in music?
I was always involved in it in someway…especially as a child. I played piano, i danced, i played instruments….it was really a natural progression to DJ.
What got you into house music?
I used to go to a club called Atomic in Ottawa Canada. It was a revolutionary nightclub in Ottawa’s dance music culture. I saw my first ‘House music dj’ there I was inspired. It definitely awoke in me a destiny i was unaware of until then.
Who are some of your biggest influences/inspirations?
Madonna #1 . I’m obsessed with her for many reasons. She is the queen, she inspires me…she has a message and i’ve loved her music since i was a kid. She is by far my favorite entertainer…and i’m constantly waiting for what she’s gonna do next.
Djs – i’ve been inspired by Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, & Deep Dish (before they broke up lol)……i currently love Funkagenda and everything Toolroom does…i love new cutting edge music..i love so many new young producers like Threesixty, Jason Taylor, Christian Falero, Jquintel and Digital Lab…there is a new era of blood…and i think we are about to see some amazing new music come out over the next year.
How did you come up with your own sound over the years?
It just gradually happened….its what i’m liking basically..It always changes. I dont think about it..i feel it.

You recently moved to Miami, how has it been living there so far?
I love it ..best decision to move here.
Tell us about the album you have coming up.
Its going to be a live album on Nervous Records. It’s called ‘SYDNEY BLU LIVE AT MANSION’ recorded at my residency here in MIAMI. It will be a lot of my own music, remixes and edits.
Is it a lot of fun having a residency at Mansion? Tell us about some of your favorite gigs there.
It’s incredible. I am so happy a massive club like that took a chance on me. I wasn’t as big as the artists headlining there at that time but my boss Carlos believed in me and here I am. Every show gets better and better.
What is it like being one of the top female DJs in the world?
It’s amazing but don’t feel like i’m quite where i want to be yet. I want it all, i always look forward…and i want to be the best i can be. I know i’ve got lots to do. I want to make BLU Music one of the top labels in dance music . I want to make my brand a massive worldwide household name. I always look ahead at what’s next.

wadae adsen